Certified by rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky

In our kitchens in the buiding of the former Talmud Tora School in Hamburg, alle food components are produced under strict compliance of the Jewish dietary laws. The supervision of kashrut is under control of the rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky from Chabad Lubawitsch.


The preparation of food takes place under strict separation of dairy and meat products in two separat kitchens. Only 100% kosher products are used - either proven by a kosher certificate or by its natural condition (for example untreated fruits and vegetables). Further, the kitchen is closed on Shabat and during Jewish holidays.

The following regulations are complied

  • Meat is certified by rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky
  • Dairy products are Chalav Israel coming directly from a dairy farm
  • Bread is Pat Israel

Our food for caterings is packed and sealed with the kosher seal of Chabad Lubawitsch. When necessary, disposable dishes and serviettes are supplied.

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Certificate of rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky

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